The United Republic of Tanzania



A warm welcome to the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) Website.

Our main focus is on both issuance and recovery of loans from higher education loan beneficiaries.



  • Over the past years, since its establishment in July 2005, the Board has managed to issue loans to needy students and the trend shows a steady growth. It started out with 16,345 students who were loaned by the government through the then Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


  • By the 2015/2016 academic year, a total of 123,798 students have been allocated with loans. The higher education students’ loans success could not be possible without the Government’s commitment in funding on one side and the cooperation from students and other stakeholders on the other. We have all been sharing success and finding solutions to a few challenges and this is why HESLB keeps improving by quality and volume in student loans year after year.


  • We are glad that most loanees; especially first time loan applicants have been adhering to the given time for loan application. However, due to the fact that some students do not make it in time, we once again remind prospective loan beneficiaries that they have to fulfill all loan prerequisites including signing of all the required documents. For loanees who have already benefited from loans and their repayment time is due, they need to get their loan statements and start repaying voluntarily. With this spirit, we shall make the student loan funds revolving and sustainable.