Strategic Objectives

1. HESLB’s Main and Strategic Objectives

1.2 The main objective of HESLB is to assist on a loan basis, needy Tanzanian students who secure admission in accredited higher learning institutions, but who have no economic power to pay for the costs of their education. in order to sustain its activities HESLB is entrusted with the task of collecting due loans from previous loan beneficiaries given loans by the government since 1994, in order to have a revolving fund in place. Accordingly the powers of HESLB are; to administer both movable and immovable property(ies) of the Board, to borrow money for any purpose deemed fit by the Board, to determine other criteria and conditions governing the granting, the interest rate and recovery of loans and, to determine the number of needy eligible students to granted loans yearly.

1.3 Strategic Objectives
the essence of HESLB Strategic Plan 2011-2014 is to look for strategies of implementing the Board’s main objectives including formulation of strategic objectives which, when effectively implemented culminates into attaining of the main objectives. The stakeholder’s analysis and the internal environmental scan of the Board have identified five strategic objectives to guide the attainment of HESLB’s main objectives during 2011-2014 period.

1.3.1 Strategic Objective One: Improve Recovery of HESLB’s Loaned Funds

1.3.2 Strategic Objective Two: Strengthen HESLB’s Operational Capacity for efficient issuance of Loans.

1.3.3 Strategic Objective Three: Enhancing HESLB’s Financial Sustainability

1.3.4 Strategic Objective Four: Strengthen HESLB’s Institutional capacity for effective management of HE Students’ loans.

1.3.5 Strategic Objective Five: Enhancing HESLB’s planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of activities.